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Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны купить в Вильнюс
Купить Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны
Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны

Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны

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Best certificated quality for best price


Caution! Jade is rare enough and precious stone. In the market there are a lot of natural persons and companies offering poor-quality or fake jades. Be careful when choosing the provider of jade production. We are official representatives of jade stone which are excavated in Khakasia (Russian Federation). Stone from this region is known as the best jade in the world market. For more information please visit our website or contact us.

Exclusivity and advantages of a jade:

1.         In contrast to any other sauna stones, jade will serve you for at least 5 years. It is absolutely safe to use it in saunas, as it has very high firmness and durability indicators.

2.         Has no reaction to acids and purifies air.

3.         Jade is not of volcanic origin. It is a semi-precious stone whose chemical and physical features determine that the stone is extremely resistant to high temperatures and in interaction with water (in temperature of 100 degrees) it emits silicic acid that has analgesic, anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory effects.

4.         Jade keeps the heat for a longer time and gives it away gradually.

5.         The heated stone releases a very light, soft and refreshing steam that does not impede respiration and does not burn the body.

6.         Scientific research has proven that jade has special healing properties, as it:

           Normalizes blood pressure

           Strengthens and improves activities of the nervous system

           Cleans the kidneys and improves the function of the urethra

           Improves male potency

           Strengthens blood vessel walls

           Due to emitted silicic acid it cleans lungs and helps to maintain the lost quantities of silicic acid in a body that is necessary for normal functioning of a body.

7.         Jade is a very clean stone containing the least harmful impurities (sulphur, phosphorus compounds) from all stones that are used in saunas. Moreover, it contains many chemical elements that are useful for a human body. Its density is 3.43 g/cm3, crushing strength is 3640 – 9320 cm2, melting point is 1040 – 1060° C and water absorption is 0.3 – 0.5%.


8.         Rare and beautiful, of green or greyish colour. Its sources are limited worldwide, it is extracted manually and is treated with especially hard minerals.




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We guarantee stone quality: every package has quality certification and hologram on it, which verifies its authenticity


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Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны
Jadeite stone sauna and bath/ жадеит для бани и сауны
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